Download the Zoo programs

The Zoo programs have been compiled and tested on the following platforms:

* RedHat Linux Enterprise 4 and 5
* Cent OS 5 and 6
* Fedora 8 and 9 (Make sure to use the special Fedora xview libraries)
* Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04, 11.10 and 12.04 (Make sure you have the latest xview libraries installed).
* Linux Mint 10 and 12

Tool Version RedHat/Fedora/Cent OS Ubuntu
Cobra Command Tool 10.0 cobra_10.0rh.tar.gz cobra_10.0ub.tar.gz
Mongoose Simulation Environment 16.2 mongoose_16.2rh.tar.gz mongoose_16.2ub.tar.gz
Okapi VHDL Browser 3.1 okapi_3.1rh.tar.gz okapi_3.1ub.tar.gz
Topi Top Code Generator 8.1 topi_8.1rh.tar.gz topi_8.1ub.tar.gz
Zebra Verilog Browser 7.1 zebra_7.0rh.tar.gz zebra_7.1ub.tar.gz

Installing the Zoo programs in Linux OS

1. Unzip and unpack the downloaded file using the command: tar zxfv file_name into a temporary directory.
2. Copy the executable, the .intro and the .info files to a system directory of your choice.
3. Edit the startup script file and make the changes necessary.
4. Copy the startup script file to the /usr/bin directory or your own bin directory.
5. To start the Cobra program use the command: cobra &
6. For more instructions read my blog.


The .Xresources file located in your home directory is used to control different settings in the Zoo programs.This file is executed when loging in to the system. Use the command: xrdb .Xresources to make the settings available to programs after login. You can download an example file here.