Shared libraries

Before we can use the Zoo Design Platform programs we have to install a number of shared libraries (.so). The libraries have been compiled for different Linux distributions and can be downloaded from many software download sites. The shared libraries must be stored in /usr/lib or /usr/X11R6/lib to be found. The xview libraries are normally stored in the directory /usr/openwin/lib.

Library Description Version Comment
libxview Xview libraries for X11 3.2p1.4
libolgx OPENLOOK graphics library 3.2p1.4
libsspkg Slingshot XView extensions 1.0
libbat LSF API routines 1.0 Used in the Mongoose program
liblsf LSF API routines 1.0 Used in the Mongoose program

Download XView libraries

The XView libraries for Ubuntu can be downloaded using the Ubuntu Software Center. Here are some other places where you can find the XView libraries.
RedHat/Cent OS Fedora PhysioNet Freshmeat

Download the other libraries

This file contains the libsspkg, libbat and liblsf libraries.